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Buddy Glass – Time Is A Serpent

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Bernie Hayes – Hopeless

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machinemachine – Every Which Way

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TNS Faces wrong order

The Nature Strip – Dark Matter

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Lobsterman Archives Volume 2 out now

Volume 2 of the Lobsterman Archives, an initiative by China Pig Records to shine light on this most singular of artists with a career spanning 30 years and over 100 self-releases, has arrived. Eddy & The Bludgers v Beacon Hill Disco compiles a side each of tracks from just two undeniably strong albums. The songs were written between 1987-1991 (the Archive series is chronological with respect to date of composition, due to Lobster logic) but recorded at the turn of the century.

This volume finds our hero in a period of transition. Mexicans Trapped In Rubble were playing shows with the likes of Craven Fops and Tactics, and Crow singer Peter Fenton would do their sound on occasion, but they were starting to disintegrate. As historian Quinlan Boyne writes, “1987 and 1988 were known as the ‘Weena Years’, due to the bizarre decision by Lobster to don the blue and white ‘butcher’s apron’ and play some fullback and wing for the struggling Narraweena Hawks”. Before long, “Crocx was MIA, possibly working as a bricky’s labourer, drinking longnecks in Lake Munmorah”.

However, we have the songs of this period, and what songs they are. On the Beacon Hill Disco side, recorded on sumptuous Roland 8-track (unusually clear sound for a Lobster recording), we suffer through a “Hard Allambie Winter” where “everything’s as dry as a Pommy’s towel”; we empathise with a lonely seagull with one foot, begging for a bite of your hamburger; we share the joy of the “unfinishable mixed grill” at Lobster’s favourite truckstop, the “Big T”; we ponder the strange allure of public bar tiles.

Flip it over and the sound is more what we might expect of this prolific home-recorder – let’s call it “thin-timate” (ahem. . .). Lobster’s nervous energy alights on many subjects before darting away, just like the pest in “A Fly Landed On My Lip” (“I can still feel it!”). In “Injuries Rife”, Lobster confesses “I yelled too much on Sunday afternoon at three o’clock, now I can’t talk”. In “Banana Tree”, he injures a cricket while gardening. What to do? Put him out of his misery? However, don’t think that these snapshots of Australian suburban life preclude romance. With great emotional bravery, in a line that will penetrate even the hardest of hearts, in “Concrete Park” the Lobster asks his paramour the eternal question: “Would you like anything else on that bread?”

Lobsterman Archives Volume 2: Eddy & the Bludgers v Beacon Hill Disco is launched on Sunday 10 July at The Record Crate, Glebe. Support from Peter Fonda.

Lobsterman Archives Volume 2: Eddy & the Bludgers v Beacon Hill Disco is released on CD and in a limited edition of 100 on LP vinyl, on 10 June 2016. To get you copy, click here.

Buddy Glass set to play The Metro



Buddy Glass has two sweet Sunday gigs this month. Supporting the UK’s legendary The Stranglers at The Metro on April 17, and supporting the multi-dimensional talent Kristin Hersh at The Newtown Social Club. Don’t wait to score tickets for these shows.

Buddy Glass                                                Buddy Glass
Sunday April 17th                                           Sunday April 24th
The Metro                                                       Newtown Social Club
supporting The Stranglers                            supporting Kristin Hersh
TICKETS                                                          TICKETS

Nature Strip News

The Nature Strip boys have been busy. You can check out Pete and John’s first band from the 1980s, The Flies, who are playing a rare show this Sunday 10 April at the Botany View Hotel.

The Flies formed in the late 70s around Sefton High School and Villawood Macca’s. The line-up solidified in 1980 with teenagers Michael delaMotte (voc/guit); Peter Marley (bass/voc), John Encarnacao (guit/keys/voc) and Peter Kelly (dr/trpt). Initially punk-ish they attracted a mod crowd in their 83-84 heyday (captured on their 85 indie hit EP Turtle Monster) before catching a bit more of a groove (second 45 Lunch, 86). They were returning to more of a guitar-oriented direction when they fell apart in Dec 86, with PM going UK, JE concentrating on Smelly Tongues (with the Fly he’d replaced, a certain Gibson) and PK doing the leather thing with Strawberry Switchblade. That’s right isn’t it? Anyway, lots of great old songs get a run this Sunday. Two sets from 7-10. And we mean 7. Ish.

Pete’s other band When Saturday Comes is launching their debut release, the Robot EP, at Lazybones Lounge, on Saturday 16 April.

When Saturday Comes is a freshly-minted Sydney band playing power pop, new wave and alt.country rock originals – plus the odd, choice cover. It founded by Dom White and Chris Muir in December 2014, when Dom persuaded Chris, the former frontman of Dunedin’s (NZ) “Cynthia Should”, to dust off his Cole Clark and Kiwi vocal stylings, after witnessing his well-oiled efforts at a house party. With guests Fabels and Red Zora.

The Nature Strip is proud to be supporting Fallon Cush for their album launch, also at Lazybones, Friday 13 May.

The Nature Strip’s Plainclothes EP is sold out! It’s the first China Pig release to sell out. It’s still available to purchase as a download at: http://chinapig.bandcamp.com/


The Nature Strip’s new album Presents is scheduled for release in June, here’s a sneak peek at the cover art featuring a hand-coloured photograph is by Ruth Maddison.

Video premiere: Dark Matter – The Nature Strip

Dark matter. There are things you cannot see, which actually make up most of everything. You cannot run from this darkness. It engulfs you. Accept that it is deep within you, and perhaps learn to dance to it.

‘Dark Matter’ is the first song from their forthcoming album Presents deemed fit for human consumption. It follows on from the eclectic guitar pop of the Plainclothes EP (2014) and debut album Stars Turn Inside Out (2013). A growing number in Sydney’s Inner West have grown familiar with vignettes such as ‘Three-Foot High Sissy Bar’, ‘Beyond the Nether’ and of course ‘Cup Of Tea’. ‘Dark Matter’ is ready to take the campaign skyward, off-base, to infinity and beyond.

Bump hip-orbits to the bass groove Peter Marley liberated from Melbourne jester James Dixon. Wig out to John E.’s lead guitar that somehow defies gravity. Try to keep up with that foot-fooler Jess Ciampa on the drum kit. Watch out for Matt Langley’s cosmic microwave background radiation. It doesn’t mean that your instant porridge is ready and you should fetch it in a kaftan.

‘Dark Matter’ can be purchased for ‘a name your price’ amount for a limited time here.


China Pig Records 2nd Birthday Party

China PIg Birthday 2

China Pig Records is turning two in November and we’re having a little shindig to celebrate. Featuring a number of CPR’s finest including Buddy Glass and the Wise Childs, The Nature Strip, Reverend Jemima, Lobsterman and special guest Peter Fonda (machinemachine), it’ll be an action packed afternoon/evening featuring new songs, new loves and new shoes. The event will take place from 4pm at the Marrickville Bowling Club, 91 Sydenham Road, Marrickville NSW 2204 on the Sunday the 22nd of November and will be 100% free. The playing times on the day will be:

4:30pm Peter Fonda
5:30pm Lobsterman
6:30pm Reverend Jemima
7:30pm The Nature Strip
8:30pm Buddy Glass and the Wise Childs

Come join us celebrate and enjoy some drinks at Bowlo prices. Everyone’s invited so come on down.